Turbo Site Video Introduction 2 for Sales Funnel 8.

Turbo Site Video Introduction 2 for Sales Funnel 8

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You've got a fantastic product, one that you are sure people will love to call their own. You know it is priced right. And, you are confident that it is going to make a big difference. The problem is, it is quite common for landing pages and website pages to be expensive to create.

Go ahead and price one out! How much can you expect to pay for a custom designed landing page that really gets to the heart of your product and provides your customers and would be buyers with the details you need? You could expect to pay $1,000 or MORE for such a site.

And, you know! companies (solo coders and designers too) are overcharging for these services because YOU don't have years of experience building websites to make them a reality on your own. You NEED them! you need their services to sell your product. And !they are all too happy to charge you extensively for it!

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