Taking A Look At The BootCamp Training At World Profit.

Taking A Look At The BootCamp Training At World Profit

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Hello There this is Charles Goldie and I want to show you today how the BootCamp Training Works at World Profit.

BootCamp training is only available to anyone who upgrades to the Silver Membership and this bootcamp training alone is worth the monthly Silver Membership. 

You get so much in the training that you don’t have to go anywhere to learn about Internet marketing because it’s all in the training and you also get the support ticket system if you want to ask any questions about the lessons.

There is so much in the training that I will do a subject on each video a short description of what you can expect from the training so subscribe to my channel if you want to keep  up with the training.  I will post new video about the training everyday or every other day.

After you upgrade to the Silver Membership you will see the Bootcamp Training on the left menu click on The Getting Started Tab and it will bring you to lesson three.  You need to stay on lesson 3 until you feel confident that you can  promote as the video will show you.

After you have watched the video you may have to come back to it five or six times before you really get the hang on promotion.  Don’t forget Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t feel bad if you have to come back and watch it a few times everyone does that.

The training video is done by George Kosch the CEO of World Profit and you can also talk to him when he does his weekly training every week on a Friday.  Thanks for watching my video and I will see you in the next video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for up to date video’s.

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