Direct Video Message Pro.

Direct Video Message Pro


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Imagine having access to the fastest, most cutting edge and most powerful video email solution on the planet. 

In fact, this video software is the first app ever to allow marketers to add and play videos inside of emails.

You Heard That Right. Playing actual videos inside an email. 

Not an image or a GIF like some other apps do.

We’re talking about getting the maximum amount of clicks, engagement, responses and therefore; traffic and profits from any email you or your clients send out. 


Plus, it works perfectly on Cell Phones Tablets and all mobile devices.

Introducing.  Direct Video Messaging Pro.

The first ever real video/email solution in the online marketing space.

And You Can Have Access To This Technology by Joining the DVM Club. Once you use the software, you can upgrade to our Pro Package.


Imagine kicking off 2021 with a bang, selling a unique, first to market and ultra powerful video solution to your prospects, to your clients and to your leads, all while collecting massive payments from the comfort of your home. 


You will be the first Marketer or Agency to actually offer this service. Allowing you to charge premium prices and to wow your clients with this Brand New and Unique service which was created to generate results.


They will be astonished, you can multiply your clickthrough rate, boost your engagement like never before. Attract an incredible response rate and maximize the results for your clients. These are just some of the benefits you’re getting today with Direct Video Messaging Pro.


Local Businesses, E-Commerce Stores, Coaches and Consultants, Online Marketers, Influencers and Affiliate Marketers all need the best results possible from their emails and videos to generate clicks, traffic and leads.

This is exactly where Direct Video Messaging Pro comes in, it’s the world’s first full-blown, cutting edge video,email and marketing solution. Specifically for agencies, free-lancers and online marketers.


Select a video from Youtube, from Dropbox or any other video service, or just upload the video directly from your computer and you are ready to go. 


With our software, you can plug the video right into your email and send it out to get’s that simple.


This works with any video builder you might have purchased in the past. Direct Video Messaging Pro works with all the popular auto-responders as well. 

AWeber, Mail-Chimp, Constant Contact, Get Response, MailVio, Sendio and the list goes on and on and we’re adding more every day.


Not only will you have access to the first ever app to allow video emails,but, we also created a library of 100% done for you niche videos for you.  Restaurants, bars, contractors, doctors, gyms, spas, or any other niche you can think of.

We are providing you with professional, animated and proven video templates that you can plug right into your emails, right now. 


And Here Is The Best Part, you can customize the videos for your clients to show-case their website, their logo and their contact information..How Cool Is That? 


Now just imagine how much revenue and profits you can generate by providing, not only this unique email video service, but by also being able to sell customized videos to your clients in a snap. It’s the perfect add-on for your clients and the perfect income opportunity to use to maximize your profits quickly and easily with Direct Video Messaging Pro. 


Plus just imagine how much money and head-aches you save by not having to hire a video animation team and by not having to wait weeks to get your videos done. Here’s the kicker, Direct Video Messaging Pro is so easy to use, in fact, you can create, upload and send videos in just 3 simple steps.


Step 1- First You Upload Your Video to our app and then you use one our video templates

Step 2- Second, you customize the video and marketing features in seconds

Step 3- and third, you plug the video right into your email and get maximum results. 

It’s That Crazy Simple. Also Please Don’t Forget

Take Action Today and you’ll get the commercial licenses included allowing you to sell your video email services to prospects immediately literally today. 

This will allow you to kick off 2021 the right way. 


Producing revenue, profits and results for your clients and your own business virtually from day one. 


This is an incredible opportunity for agencies, video marketers alike. To get access to a full-blown video service that nobody else can offer yet. And you get it for next to nothing. 


You will be the first to market with this service and you’ll be way ahead of any competitor in your area. No Monthly Fee, Yearly Fee, No Head-aches and No Learning Curve.


Join the DVM Club Today For This Low One-Time Fee and enjoy the immediate benefits of using the software and the DVM Club to increase your skills and knowledge as video producer and online marketer. 

Learn from the best, as a Club, together we are the best. Now, It’s Time To Profit, Time Move Ahead In 2021. 

Hurry, this offer expires soon and we will be increasing the price as more marketers realize how cheap this price is for this amazing software. 

We’ve been waiting for years for this software, it’s here now, it was built for you. 

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