Affiliate Center - add MORE profit centers to your site. It's easy. .

Affiliate Center - add MORE profit centers to your site. It's easy.

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All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get the Affiliate Center included in their Membership.

We understand that many of our Members are marketing a number of products of their own or are affiliate marketers for a number of companies or vendors. We have made it easy for you to add your Affiliate programs - as many as you like -  to your Silver or Platinum VIP website.

The Affiliate Center was created to allow you to easily enter the code from your various programs to your website.

How to access the Affiliate Center

The Affiliate Center can be located in your Member area, on the left menu select AFFILIATE CENTER.
There are 2 sub-menus; Main - Add Affiliate Code

Here's how the Affiliate Center works:

The add affiliate code area is for you to have the ability to add code (html) directly to your website. There are 5 areas which code can be entered for. This code could be from affiliate sites, google adsense, google analytics, Amazon, eBay and many more. The left menu, right column and footer are the main areas available. See video above for complete details.  

It's easy to add your own Affiliate Programs - as many as you like!

Within the Affiliate Center section of your Member area, click on ADD AFFILIATE CODE. 
Enter the name of the program(s) you wish to add to your site and click on SAVE. Do not make any edits to the code that your vendor has provided, paste it carefully and as it was provided to you, following their directions.

You can also select the order in which you want your Affiliate programs to appear, as well as where they are placed on the page. Example: Top or Bottom Menu, on the Footer, or Column Top or Bottom.  

You can also decide if Affiliate Code should be shown on your site (active) or not-active.  This is helpful when you are making changes and testing which products are bringing you the best results.      

When you have added Affiliate programs to your site, return to the MAIN section of the Affiliate Center and click on PREVIEW YOUR WEBSITE to see your additions.

Suggestion: Wide banners should be placed at the BOTTOM or TOP sections, whereas more narrow banners can be placed on the columns or top or bottom of the menu area. If you place a wide banner where a small banner would be better placed, you will know as the formatting of your site will be very distorted.

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