Worldprofit's Fast Track Visitor Coop Advertising Program.

Worldprofit's Fast Track Visitor Coop Advertising Program


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Knowing where and what to advertise can be tough when you are new to doing business online. Building a business is about having a steady supply of leads from a trusted source. Worldprofit has made this easy for you by placing proven ads in reputable advertising sites. We do all the work - you get the leads.  To help new Members get started with quality leads from reputable sources, we created the FastTrack Visitors program.

This lesson introduces you to the FastTrack Visitors program.

Worldprofit offers FastTrack Visitors to get you quality leads. Here's how the program works.

We continually test ad copy on a number of online advertising sites to see which ones produce the BEST results.
We then buy advertising on the best sites and deliver the leads generated directly to you. 
Paid ads are the BEST source of leads IF you know where to advertise - Worldprofit has made this easy for you.

Newcomers to Worldprofit enjoy the FastTrack Visitors program as it takes the guesswork out of where to advertise so you get the best value for your money and don't end up with bogus leads.  

The quality of Worldprofit's FastTrack Visitors is EXCELLENT here's why:

-No guess work!  We test the ads for responsiveness and only on sites we know to be reputable
-Full Disclosure!  We show you where we advertise and the rate we pay
-Data Tracking!  We show you the Real Time Data of people viewing the ad pages
-Low Cost! We make NO profit on these leads and NO commission is paid to keep your cost low
-Time Saver! We pick and run the best ads, you get the leads directly so you have more time to work your biz!
-INSTANT LEADS! When the lead form is submitted by a prospect you get an email and SMS text message IMMEDIATELY!

Here's what do do next to start getting FastTrack leads:

1. Login to your Member area.
2. On the left hand menu look for "Advertising/Traffic" then click on "FastTrack Visitors"
3. There you can see the LIVE data of people on the ad pages, see where we advertise, and place an order.  

Rates for FastTrack Visitors: (remember we make no profit on these so your cost is kept low.

2000 Guaranteed Visitors - $29.95 US (great starter package for the newbie)
4000 Guaranteed Visitors - $49.95 US  (boost your leads at an affordable rate)
8000 Guaranteed Visitors - $89.95 US (for the serious business builder)

Building a business is about having a steady supply of leads from a trusted source. Worldprofit has made this easy for you by placing proven ads in reputable advertising sites. We do all the work - you get the leads.

We often get asked, "What is the difference between FastTrack Visitors and Guaranteed Visitors (GV's)?"

Answer: Worldprofit generates GVs using our traffic exchange and many other exchanges using their free visitors for signups and surfing. These visitors are not paid for so are not given priority in the exchanges. In other words they are not the highest quality possible. The FastTrack visitors are only generated from PAID accounts in PAID Safelists we email to thereby delivering the highest quality visitors to our landing pages. We simply insert your Dealer ID in the signup form should the visitor decide to signup. You then get that lead (Associate) emailed to you IMMEDIATELY when a person signs up.

For the more experienced marketer, who prefers to place their own ads, we have provided a list of recommended Safelists and Exchanges in the Member area. Find these on left menu, select ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on 20+ INCOME STREAMS then on TOP SAFELISTS and TOP TRAFFIC Exchanges.

SUGGESTION: We include a lesson on HOW to NOT GET RIPPED OFF when Advertising, refer to that lesson for additional learning.  

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