Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 7 Jun 2019.

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 7 Jun 2019

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World Profit's bootcamp training kicked off Friday morning, June 7 right on time. George Kosch, your bootcamp instructor and former Military man is always punctual.  George dug right into the meat and potatoes of the training session, questions are encouraged during the training to make the training fit your learning requirements.

Training and Discussion Topics

Getting off to the best possible start with your World Profit Silver Membership. The bootcamp training lessons, claiming your BONUSES!

Put on your Cover-Alls. Get ready to "work" your World Profit business.
You'll never hear Worldprofit tell you that you can make money online with no work. "DO" the WORK  -  get the results.

Ask yourself, "HOW did I get to Worldprofit"? Your Sponsor knows how; he/she followed World Profit's marketing system. The answer to this question will get you on track to understanding how Worldprofit's marketing system works to start generating your OWN sales referrals.

Promotion Essentials - what you need to KNOW and DO to get leads and sales conversions

Why you should NOT sell products on exchanges and safelists. 
What you should do INSTEAD to build your email marketing list.

How to promote ANY Affiliate program using the resources included in your World Profit  Silver or Platinum VIP Membership
World Profit's marketing platform teaches you how to use the resources in your member area and online to grow your leads, your traffic, your list, your sales in any Affiliate program as well as for sales referrals to World Profit.

Website Management System - how to add pages, banners, links, customize and more -  INCLUDED in your Membership.

Magic Site Grabber -  very easy to use, powerful tool, one of more most used and popular - INCLUDED in your Membership  

Cool Tools - resources we use and recommend to our World Profit Members

Organization Tools - save time in your promotion using these recommended tools

POWER and INCREDIBLE IMPORTANCE of having and using your own domain name for the long time growth and professionalism of your business - THINK like a business owner - not a biz-opper. 

World Profit's LIVE Business Center - why this unique service is your best-online-friend, how it works, how YOU benefit   

How to CLEAR your "cookies",  browser data to avoid login issues, unwanted ads etc.

World Profit's Ad Tracker - DEMONSTRATION

World Profit's Landing Page Builder - want to create your OWN landing pages for your own affiliate programs?
Take advantage of your included Landing Page Builder Software.

How do you earn commission as a Worldprofit Member?

George Kosch overviewed how Silver and Platinum VIP Members earn sales commissions referring sales to Worldprofit . 
Members have access to their Commission Report 24 hours a day, and can choose how to get paid your commission.

Going to be away? Short on time for promotion?
Here's some Set and Forget Advertising Options, use to promote any and all your Affiliate programs

Details on each of the above advertising, and more are in your Member area on the TOP MENU.   

World Profit's Landing Page Builder - easy to use, no-cost way to create unlimited eye-popping squeeze pages for any or all your affiliate programs

World Profit's ClickBank Super Store and Sales Manager - OPTIONAL
For those Members who want to promote CLICKBANK products for another source of income, we set up, install and update your Store pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 products. Fully customizable by you, change images, colours. Promote the store or individual products
Details in your World Profit Member area: LEFT MENU select CLICKBANK STORE. Built and supported by World Profit Support Team 

World Profit's free Image Storage Library
Free unlimited storage for World Profit Silver and Platinum VIP Members, store your images, PDFs, Ebook files,  and more in our advertising-free storage library. No more worry that your images stored at one of those "free sites" will suddenly change their access / users policy or simply POOF -  disappear with your images.   If you PAY to store your images somewhere you don't need to do that anymore, store them at World Profit at no cost.

World Profit's Personalized Email: How to get your own personalized email addresses to go with your Worldprofit hosted website (no cost).

Featured Offers

Convert your MONTHLY Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to a ONE YEAR Silver Membership and save as much as 60% over the standard monthly rate. To get your personalized quote and details, submit a Support Ticket.    On TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.


Upgrade your Silver membership to Platinum VIP Membership and....
get MORE software, MORE traffic, MORE money making tools, and earn DOUBLE the commission on sales referrals.
To get your personalized quote and details, submit a Support Ticket. On TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.


Here's the link to watch the June 7,  2019  RECORDING from World Profit's Bootcamp Training.


World Profit's next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is  Friday June 14,  2019.

Happy weekend everyone!

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