Worldprofit's Deluxe Show Home Package Tour By George Kosch.

Worldprofit's Deluxe Show Home Package Tour By George Kosch


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I wanted to take a few minutes to show you a quick tour of a complete show home package.

It includes: ONE Fully Prebuilt Package which includes 500 Associate Members UNDER YOU and 100 Exclusive Leads (You download as needed to your member area FRESH). Pay attention because there's more. You also get Worldprofit's Deal Builder Plugin, Classified Ad System Plugin, Amazon Store Ready, Clickbank Store Ready, Squeeze Ninja Plugin, Wordpress Blog and Site Blog. Everything folks!

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>>>>> YOU Get 1 FULL Year Of Silver Membership!! <<<<

Lifetime Membership in 12 Traffic Generation Sites PLUS Worldprofit Silver Membership for 1 YEAR:

Classified Ad Plugin (Value: $149.95)

Squeeze Ninja Page Builder (Value: $97)

Deal Builder Plugin (Value: $67)

Wordpress Blog with Theme of Choice (Value: $99.95) 15,000 Members (Value: $99.95) 12,000 Members (Value: $99.95) 12,000 Members (Value: $99.95) 3,000 Members (Value: $49.95) 1,800 Members (Value: $49.95) 22,000 Members (Value: $67) 21,000 Members (Value: $67) 1,700 Members (Value: $49.95) 8,000 Members (Value: $79.95) 4,000 Members (Value: $129.95) 4,000 Members (Value: $79.95)

Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at 4,500 Members (Value: $89.95)

Worldprofit Silver Membership for 1 Year Included! (Value: $1199.40)

Worldprofit wants to help you understand EXACTLY how all of this works so for ONE YEAR you will be "held by the hand" with LIVE help 24/7 plus access to over 100 lessons. We even do weekly LIVE Training every Friday with Master Traffic Guru George Kosch. George is an ex Military JET Pilot Instructor who teachs YOU how all of this works! With over 20 years of experience we assure you, YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!

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There's MORE...:

SEO Optimizer Pro - ONE year account (500,000 + Search Engines, Classifieds, Directories & more) (lue: $299.95 )

Full 1 Click Submit Campaign - ONE year account (posts to over 7,000 high traffic sites) (Value: $97)

100,000 Ad Blast Using Our Sokule Submitter (Value: $27)

1 Year Silver Membership with Worldprofit (Value: $1197)

Total Value ($1591.90)

Grand Total Value (OVER $2764)

Order here anytime: and get started now.

This includes our 500,000+ search engine blaster ONE year membership, 100,000 ad promo using our Sokule Submitter along with Classified Blast, Directory Submission and ONE year campaign with 1 Click Marketing Machine. There is simply too much to say on this part of the package!!

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