How To Make Money With Affiliate Bots V2 02 Review.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Bots V2 02 Review

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Affiliate Bots V2 02 

Did You Know.. in July  2019.. a few Affiliate Insiders are making $1k/day - on ClickBank, W+ & JVZoo?
And they're doing it with automation & artificial intelligence?

They automatically choose an affiliate program... automatically get FREE traffic... and make huge automated commissions.

I’m sure if you’ve used Clickbank before you’ll know it’s a nightmare to search through the affiliate marketplace. 
This tool allows you to search by vertical, banner size, offer, payout and much more. You simply add your Clickbank hop reference 
and they’ll even create the code for you.

You can also search by gravity, alexa rank, commission amount, pay per click value, display value and keywords.


This tool allows you to search through and find expired domains for any keyword. 
There are various filters and metrics you can search for and extract data.

So there is a ton of new tools that will be included in version 2.0 and some of these are included below:

Auto affiliate ads 2.0 (upgrade from version 1)
Rapid video ranker
1 click affiliate
Launch pulse
CB250 Database
King of the Zoo
Resell database software
1 Click video pages
IM affiliate bot
Hosting affiliate bot
Banner bot
Plus more.

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