Vidmonial 2.0 Review Demo Bonus - Conversion Boosting DFY Video Testimonials.

Vidmonial 2.0 Review Demo Bonus - Conversion Boosting DFY Video Testimonials

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Vidmonial Review 

Learn more about Vidmonial, see demos and an amazing bonus offer!

Imagine if you had a new video tool that could instantly create trust, triple conversions, 
and even drive traffic to you or your client’s sites with no work needed on your part. 
Sounds too good to be true right? Well, that’s exactly what Vidmonial does!

It’s revolutionary cloud-based platform integrated with new video technology that fully 
automates the processes of capturing, embedding, and sharing authentic video testimonials.  
As you already know, video testimonials are the most powerful selling tool today and you can 
fully eliminate the painstaking process of getting them for you or your clients!  

It's commons sense now that if you don’t have reviews for your products and services your sales 
will suffer immensely. But, even pages loaded with glowing five star reviews aren’t enough to 
guarantee trust and conversion anymore if their just plain text testimonials.

In today's more transparent internet, visitors need to hear feedback from your customer's mouth 
directly in the form of a video testimonial. Next to a solid product, positive video testimonials are 
maybe the single most important aspect of your business when it comes to building trust and selling.

Not only are video testimonials proven to significantly boost conversions, but video testimonials 
are now the best pieces of marketing material for getting traffic especially when used in 
Facebook ads campaigns today!

Create "Set-and-Forget" Testimonial Generating Cloud Campaigns
Create campaigns fully hosted with Vidmonial that capture video testimonials 
and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot - nothing to install or code

Live Video Capture Technology
Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully 
hosted by Vidmonial.

"Built-in" Video Traffic Features
In just 1-click, share your testimonial to Facebook or YouTube to drive traffic. 
Download the testimonial to use in ads, posts, and more.

Display Video Testiomial Boxes Anywhere You Want
Showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want - works with Shopify, 
HTML, Wordpress, Clickfunnels, etc.

Bonus Incentive Creation with Auto-Delivery
Create ethical incentives for users to leave the testimonial in the first place as a
 reward for their time and automatically deliver to them once a real testimonial is verified by Vidmonial

Collect Star Ratings and Written Feedback
Along with a video testimonials, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to 
showcase for higher conversions

Learn more about Vidmonial, see demos and an amazing bonus offer!

Commercial Rights to Sell to Clients
This is an exciting opportunity, especially for users who have already bought video marketing apps since every business big or small 
needs more video testimonials.

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